Go karting

Karting is a sport that can be practiced at two levels: recreational or competition. Here are some of the basics of this sport and some very useful tips. When the sport is practiced in leisure, it is always useful to have some knowledge about the fundamentals of competitive driving. Thus, following these tips, you will see your lap times will reduce gradually, while fine-tuning your driving style. Unlike many other motor-sports, karting does not require long hours of driving; in half an hour of karting you’ll be set to compete. Quicker than in any other sport! So grab every opportunity to drive karts, if only 5 or 10 minutes.


Watch out for oversteer & understeer

The oversteer occurs when the rear of the kart loses traction, it can result from many factors, such as early acceleration out of corners, late braking, or wear of the rear tires. Whatever the reason, you have to react quickly, otherwise a spin-out is inevitable. This reaction is called against-steer. It consists in turning the wheels of the kart in the opposite direction of the turn, in order to restore balance. For example when negotiating a right turn you feel the rear kick-out, steer immediately and firmly to the left, until the karts back in the line with the track. Attention during a turning-against is very important, be sure not to slow down , as this would intensify oversteer. The best may even accelerate, while less experienced drivers will simply release both pedals and let the kart slow.

The understeer is simply the opposite of oversteer, discussed above. Indeed, it occurs when the front wheels loses traction. The main cause is overspeed, and the result is complete loss of  controlled turning!

The only remedy to understeer is the braking . In fact, by reducing the speed, the load is transferred from the karts on the front tires and find the lost grip. It is possible to regain control, and start dominating again. However, be careful not to brake and steer at the same time, as this may cause oversteer (which you know now how to control).

What causes oversteer or understeer on a gokart from center of gravity standpoint? This video shoes how the center of gravity effects the steering of a go kart and what the optimum postioning of the center of gravity should be. To calculated the center of gravity visit the http://gokartguru.com/

Improve your Paintball with these Tips


This article is intended primarily for beginners, but everyone can find this useful.

Use the cover fire as a diversion.

That’s the no. 1 trick I personally use. Especially since I play in a small field, I often rely on other players to make blankets fire. The opponents duck their heads and I use that moment to move around and change positions. It’s stupid, but extremely effective: if the opponent believes you’re at another location , you will have the benefit of surprise, and discretion.

Communicate with your teammates

Especially with offensive strikes. It makes sense, but so many of fail to do consistently.

Paintball is a team sport, it’s undeniable that it promotes communication teamwork. Advertise your progressions, your coverage needs, the position of your opponents move.

You hear your opponents may be, but better that than a disorganized team, playing as mercenaries. In fact the hardest part is to do it clearly and everyone understands.

Use teamwork to keep an opponent off, or trapped behind a barrier

This joins the point 1 with the difference that cover minimum work is done in pairs. While a player is covering fire, others progress to the next obstacle, and take over the cover shot.
With a well-rehearsed teamwork, good communication on the position of the target, you can move on the field and occupy strategic positions . In short, it’s covering fire for advancing the field.

Have a good vision of what is happening on the ground

You may have an opponent in your sights. However, do not focus your attention on a single point for too long, even if you think you opponent is hiding there – a different opponent may be present on you side.
Make sure to continually monitor the entire field . Have keen eye.


Immobility on a paintball field is dangerous for you, even in a defensive situation. Your opponents will find and implement the right technique to uncover you. Whereas if you move, your opponent will have to review its strategy in real time. This will give them a lot of trouble, stress, inaccuracies. Don’t stay still – be mobile on land !

Laser Tag


For children from 8 years and adults too, laser skirmish is the outdoor version of the laser-tag game.
Perfect for spend an afternoon or a morning in a pleasant environment.

equipped with a laser-tag (with infrared scope) to battle against your opponents, laser tag is comparable to paintball, without physical bullets.

Safely without impact, with sounds for the actions of shooting and when hit.
Ideal for birthdays, bachelor parties daughters, seminars …

Party Ideas

Ideas for Teenages Birthday parties

It is clear that teens too can have great moments during their birthday parties. However, in most instances, they prefer these parties to offer something better and concrete compared to what they had during their younger days. The ideal parties for teens should involve some relatives, and should also provide a practical opportunity for friends to come together and perform certain adventures they love collectively. Bearing in mind that the fundamental interests of teenagers are different, it is vital that the whole partying idea should involve the adolescent boys.

Laser Tag Party and Paintball.

The party idea for the boys to enjoy taking part in either a laser tag party or in paintball is a perfect one. You can primarily pay for their transport cost to the site of activity, where they can meet you. Give them ample time for playing, probably a session or two could just be enough. After thoroughly engaging them, you can now lead them back home safely, and surprise them with some appealing cakes, ice cream, and pizza. Not just the foods mentioned earlier alone, but you could also complement this with lots of juices and other brands of snacks available. Let them eat to their fill, have fun and enjoy the day like no other. After this, you can again release them out for some adventure activities.

Party Video Game.

It is quite evident that today, with the technological advancements, surely there are a lot of computer games that teens can enjoy. And if you are lucky to have some set of gaming monitors, you can just place them somewhere in a cool room and invite the children to come and play. Put as many gaming systems as you want, but remember, the party belongs to the boys, and they should, therefore, decide for themselves the type of games to play. Even as they play, be sure to provide adequate snacks and other brands of excellent foodstuffs, and keep them agile.

Pool Party and BBQ.

This is a party meant for providing a mixed atmosphere for the teenagers. Several of them can come in to swim, play and eat. Spice up the scene with some quality music sounds and let the children hang out and maximize having fun. Just remember that this is a crucial day for them, and don’t miss to provide all sorts of snacks at every point. Drinks should not miss on your menu either. If you don’t own a pool, renting one or even booking from a friend definitely, is not a big issue.

Camping out party.

You can take out a small section of boys for a camping tour. Just ensure they carry with them enough food and some source of fire and make their adventure full of activities. Ensure you provide enough tents for shelter, but if they are courageous enough, they should not be afraid of spending their nights under the stars. Prepare some breakfast in in the morning, and after that drive them back home safely, having experienced a traditional kind of an adventure.

Attending live sporting events.

Gather some friends and make them attend either a professional, college or a university sporting event in the neighborhood. When the sporting activity is over, you can take the boys to a nice restaurant to enjoy their dinner. You can complement this with a selection of some quality T-shirts and other sports costumes and make the night blazing. As a piece of advice, to save some of your money, just purchase all those stuff at a local store rather than at the stage. Be smart.