Improve your Paintball with these Tips

This article is intended primarily for beginners, but everyone can find this useful.

Use the cover fire as a diversion.

That’s the no. 1 trick I personally use. Especially since I play in a small field, I often rely on other players to make blankets fire. The opponents duck their heads and I use that moment to move around and change positions. It’s stupid, but extremely effective: if the opponent believes you’re at another location , you will have the benefit of surprise, and discretion.

Communicate with your teammates

Especially with offensive strikes. It makes sense, but so many of fail to do consistently.

Paintball is a team sport, it’s undeniable that it promotes communication teamwork. Advertise your progressions, your coverage needs, the position of your opponents move.

You hear your opponents may be, but better that than a disorganized team, playing as mercenaries. In fact the hardest part is to do it clearly and everyone understands.

Use teamwork to keep an opponent off, or trapped behind a barrier

This joins the point 1 with the difference that cover minimum work is done in pairs. While a player is covering fire, others progress to the next obstacle, and take over the cover shot.
With a well-rehearsed teamwork, good communication on the position of the target, you can move on the field and occupy strategic positions . In short, it’s covering fire for advancing the field.

Have a good vision of what is happening on the ground

You may have an opponent in your sights. However, do not focus your attention on a single point for too long, even if you think you opponent is hiding there – a different opponent may be present on you side.
Make sure to continually monitor the entire field . Have keen eye.


Immobility on a paintball field is dangerous for you, even in a defensive situation. Your opponents will find and implement the right technique to uncover you. Whereas if you move, your opponent will have to review its strategy in real time. This will give them a lot of trouble, stress, inaccuracies. Don’t stay still – be mobile on land !